Capacitive Proximity Switches

Capacitive proximity switches When the object enters in the sensing zone of the switch, capacitance between two plates of capacitor (one plate is represented by electrode at sensing .face of the switch and another by all surrounding material which is connected to the earth) changes. As soon as capacitance value crosses preset level, oscillator starts. This change is detected and resulted in an output signal.

Salient Feature of Capacitive Proximity Switches (CPS)

  1. Hysteresis : 5-20 % of set sensitivity
  2. Grade of Protection : IP 65 / IP67
  3. Enclosure : Metallic ( Nickel plated brass) / Stainless Steel / Plastic.
  4. LED Indication : Provided.

Types of Capacitive Proximity Switches

  • Three wire switches
  • Two wire AC switches

Three wire switches

  • Tubular threaded enclosure

  • Round type housing with mounting base plate

Two wire AC switches

  • Cylindrical threaded enclosure

  • Round housing with mounting base plate