Photoelectrical - Optical - Infrared Proximity Switch / System

Photoelectrical, opticl, infrared proximity switch Beam of invisible pulsed modulated infra-red light is produced by emitter. This beam is sensed by receiver at another end (in through beam version) or reflected by object and received by received placed near emitter (in diffuse version). When this beam is interrupted by object, the receiver signal gets changed and signal is produced.

Optical proximity switches are used where higher sensing distance is required with non contact operation.

The object can be sensed by three methods

  1. Diffused Reflective Type
  2. Retro Reflective Type
  3. Through Beam Type
Photoelectric Proximity Switch methods

Three wire DC switch

Common Specifications
  1. SUPPLY VOLTAGE : 10-30V DC.
  2. MAX. LOAD CURRENT : 250 m Amp.
  3. CABLE LENGTH PER SWITCH : 2 Mtrs for standard models with built in cable.
  • Cylindrical threaded enclosure

  • Diffuse type built in transmitter and receiever in single housing

  • Retro Reflective Type, to be used with reflector

  • Through Beam Type with separate transmitter and receiver

  • Mini, long range, square enclosure, IP 65

  • Mini, long range, square enclosure, IP 65, AC type