1. what is proximity switch used for

Proximity Switches used for manufacturing equipment. Proximity sensor switches are designed for industrial application

2. What is inductive proximity switch

Inductive Proximity switch produces high frequency alternating field at the sensing face. When any metallic material enters in the sensing zone of the switch, the field gets disturbed. A Sensitive detector circuit senses this change which is further processed by amplifier circuit to produce output signal.

3. What is Capacitive Proximity Switches

Capacitive proximity switch uses an electrostatic field to detect the presence of any object. Capacitive sensors are used for non-contact detection of metallic and nonmetallic objects like granules, liquids, glass, paper, wooden materials, full or empty containers etc. Capacitive proximity switches are mainly used as a economical level sensor for free flowing powders and granules.

4. What is Magnetic Proximity Switches

Magnetic switches are activated by the presence of a permanent magnet. Magnetic sensors detect by reacting to magnetic fields. Reed type uses reed switching element whereas Hall Effect sensors uses semiconductor chips to detect magnet face. Magnetic pick up sensor detect ferrous teeth of geared wheel.

5. what is Magnetic switches used for

Magnetic switches are used for position sensing of heavy industrial machinery. Magnetic cylinder switch senses position of pneumatic cylinder. Magnet ring is fixed on the piston which is moving inside the cylinder. Hall Effect and magnetic pick up sensors are mainly used for speed sensing.

6. What is Photoelectric Proximity Switches

Photoelectric switches use invisible modulated infrared light as a sensing element. Light is transmitted from transmitter and received at receiver. When this beam is disrupted by object the receiver produces output. They have no any moving parts. These switches are used for product counting, positioning of product on assembly lines, edge detection, and registration mark detection. Specialized photoelectric sensors are designed to detect a specific color mark.

7. What is Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor - Switch

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor - Switch measure the distance or presence of target objects by sending a pulsed ultrasound wave at the object and then measuring the time for the sound echo to return. Knowing the speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of the object.