Magnetic Proximity Switches

The magnetic switch senses presence of magnet and give specified signal.
Magnetic switches are of two types :

  1. Reed Type
  2. Solid state, Hall effect type

Magnetic Proximity Switch Reed Type, with actuating magnet

magnetic proximity switch reed type

The reed type proximity switch incorporates reed element which gets acctuated when magnet approches the switch.

  • Cylindrical

  • Rectangular enclosure

  • Vane operated : Slot enclosure

Salient Features
  1. Non contact operation
  2. Potential free contacts suitable for 24 VDC / 240 VAC.
  3. High operating distance up to 25 mm.
  4. Totally enclosed - Robust - cast Al / Plastic enclosure for switch as well as magnet. IP 67.
  5. A Special stay-put type of switch is developed which can be used to sense direction.
  6. Operating Temp up to 0-120 'C

Magnetic Proximity Switch- Hall effect type : Solid state output

Special solid state device is used in hall effect type switch which changes its output when specific magnetic pole approaches the switch.

Features and Common Specifications
  2. VOLTAGE DROP : Less than 0.5 V
  3. MAX. LOAD CURRENT : 250 mA.
  4. LEAKAGE CURRENT : Less than 2 mA
  5. ENCLOSURE : Refer drawing
Magnetic Proximity Switch- Hall effect type : Solid state output

Magnetics Pick - Up

Magnetic pickups Magnetic pick-up generates its own output. Magnetic pick-up senses motion of ferous (magnetic) material like geared wheel, bolt heads, keyways. In sine wave O/P pick-ups, the output voltage is directly proporational to speed of passing target. And in square wave O/P pick-up, the output is in form of square wave having amplitude equal to supply voltage.